About us

In support of our commitment to conscientious, sustainable, and sound production practices and animal welfare, our dairy farmer members have all completed training, on-farm verification, and continually follow the requirements of the National Farmers Assuring Responsible Management program. For more information on the F.A.R.M. program and how it works for farmers, milk processors and consumers, please visit nationaldairyfarm.com
As part of our focus on the efficient marketing of our members’ milk, in 2002 Lone Star made its first strides into milk processing, operating the Sunny Meadows Dairy and Food plant in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for the next twelve years.
Our latest processing investment is a new state-of-the-art milk processing plant located in Canyon, Texas named Lone Star Dairy Products, LLC, which is a joint venture between Lone Star Milk Producers, Inc. and Hoogwegt, USA. Lone Star Dairy Products produces high quality milk powders, fluid cream, butter, and condensed milk products for U.S. and export markets. For more information please visit www.lsdp.com

Animal care and treatment

Our dairy farmer-members all follow the animal care and treatment requirements of Farmers Assuring Responsible Management program.

rBST Free

Our dairy farmer-members have all certified that they do not use bovine somatotropin, also known as rBST, or BGH.

Always learning

We are always trying to improve our processes, even from our mistakes we are always learning!

Staff Training

We have training programs to strengthen those skills that each employee needs to improve and serve our members and customers better.


Member Services

  • Our field men can help our farmer-members with any issues.

    Farm Experts
  • We can provide raw milk, dry milk, fluid cream, condensed milk and butter.

    Milk Products
  • We provide transportation services that are safe, affordable, and convenient while delivering quality milk on time.

    Milk Transport
  • Safety of your Milk is one of our top priorities. Every load's quality is checked with most care by our trained and high skilled personnel.

    Quality Checks
  • Our members always get rewarded for high quality milk.

  • We use the latest technology to process payroll, display lab results and track our loads.

    Latest Technology